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Little changes in Simulator


We have updated our simulator a little regarding off-sides. After working with the beta simulator, we got some improvements in this issue and we decided to implement the new results in the stable version.

Which changes?
As you know well the off-side logic is very problematic. We have fixed some specific issues, like when 2 players are alone in front of the goalkeeper, from now on they should not pass the ball to each other, until an offside is called. There should be less offsides in general, which is a good thing overall, so we are happy with this.

On the other hand, we know that this new version has a new problem regarding offsides. Now, sometimes, offside will not be called correctly when a player is clearly in an offside position (it can happen even for very big margins, like 5 meters, or more ). We have been working on it to fix the problem, but it is somehow complicated to test it, so it might take a while.

The beta version that you currently have activated tries to solve this problem, let is see if it is true and we can put it on stable as soon as possible.

We know there are already some problems and we keep working hard to fix these problems the current simulator has.

We would like to thank you once more for your patience!


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