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Small improvements in the game


We will upload the following changes that hopefully you like:

Mobile version:

We have implemented in the mobile application some of the features we already have in the web version.

- From now on you can plan trainings to your employees using the mobile application.
- Also you can activate the button "speed up" to shorten the duration of the remodelling works of the stadium.
- You will be able to erase the skills of the players. Remember that this option has a cost of 20 golden balls.
- You can arrange friendlies and change them to beta version.

Some bugs has been fixed:
- Problems with the years of contract when signing players
- Direct purchases of players: now the price set has to be equal or bigger than the price set by the system, as in the website version.

Web version:

- We have improved the automatic line-up of juniors. After this change we hope the problems will stay away regarding automatic line-up.

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