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Changes in Line-up and training screens

Dear users,

In our effort to improve the game we have made two changes we hope you will appreciate:

-Improvement in automatic junior line-up

We have implemented a change in the junior line-up. We improved the automatic line-up button.
Previously, as you know, the junior line-up was always mixed up because temporary junior promotions or juniors who were put up for auction and then sold; or because a junior promotion from the school.
From now on, the system will act when this happens and will fill the hole left with a player from the same position; and if it is not possible, the hole will be filled by the player who gets more motivation in this position.
Moreover, the remaining players will be ordered and junior with best average will be substitutes and the rest of juniors will be Reserves.
In this way the automatic line-up tries to get the best performance of junior players in case of unexpected changes.

- Restructuring of training screen:

In order to speed-up and facilitate the scheduling of trainings we implemented a restructuring of the training screen.
If you go to the Training screen, you will find the same screen as before. Then you have to choose which training you want to schedule: Senior or Junior. You click on the button “Sched. Training” and the new screen will appear. The next step is to set the type of training you want to your players. You will find three tables: one with the type of training; another with the position concerned and the last one with the last training done and the list of scheduled training.
In this new section you will be able to do everything. You need only a simply click on the training you want to schedule, and this will appear automatically in the list of scheduled trainings. You can also erase the last training if you want to.

NOTE: If you have some problems to visualize the new screen properly, you have to clear cache data and cookies from your browser!!

21/05/2012 10:44
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