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Dear users,

We would like to announce you the new updates we will implement for next season that hopefully you like:

- Achievements:
We have created a list of specific game challenges you can complete and so get the achievement proposed.
Achievements are related with everything in the game: squad, economy, team results, stadium, community etc. Getting an achievement will give you "Achievement Points". Some achievement has different levels that you need to get all to complete the challenge. We have created a ranking with all game users and you will find who have got more achievements and in which position you are.
Among the joy that causes being the first in that ranking, we have also some presents for you. If you have gotten a lot of achievements, you will be able to choose the name for a future "junior star player" that will appear in the game.
Moreover you will be able to publish your achievements on facebook and twitter!

- Deposits:
Deposits interest will be capped to 7%. You will get all your deposits back to your cash at the end of the season and you will have to put them again into deposits with the new interest.

- Hall of fame:
We have created a HALL OF FAME.
From next season you will have the possibility to retire some veteran players from your roster and their jersey will become part of your permanent Hall of Fame exhibit, honouring their accomplishments.
You will have also the option to turn your retired player into EMPLOYEE. The tasks they will develop are all but doctor and financier.
They will improve the quality of your current employee from 1 to 10 points.

You need to get 10 points to retire a player; How do you get them?

- 4 seasons playing in your team (the first four seasons are not taken into account)= 4 points
- One season award = 1 point
- 10 match MVP = 1 point

The requirements for retiring players and they can become part of your Hall of Fame are going to be the following ones:

- The minimum age will be 30 years old for normal players and 36 years old for star players.
- The player must have played a minimum of 4 seasons in your team.
- Each retired player may become employee in 3 work specialties. You must choose one if you want him to become employee of your club.
- When you retire a player, he will take a deserved break from action. He will be away for 3 months, and you will have him available when the next season starts, after these 3 months have passed.

For example: We are currently at season 6, if you retire a player now, he will be away for 3 months, so he will be back at the end of season 6, but you will not be able to hire him until the start of season 7.

- Informative message when hiring employees

We added an informative message when hiring employees. If you want to hire an employee and when you accept, this employee is not available because other player has already hired him. Now you will get a pop-up message telling that this employee is not available and the employee will disappear and another will take his place.

- Tutorial message when reaching 8000 experience points.

We have added a tutorial message when you reach 8.000 experience points, giving you more advanced guidelines for the future.

- Free market:

The limitation for buying/selling players from low/high divisions has been removed completely. Now a team from 1st division can pay hostile clause to get a player from 6th division and vice versa.
Note: This doesn’t include loans!

- New junior Stars

We will launch some Junior Stars on auction (14 years-old, 99 progression points)


The option of auto-biding for a player has been removed, I mean, you will not be able to bid for a player you put up for auction.
Note: This does not include "direct purchase".

- "Formation canon"

We added a called “formation canon” in transfers.

Every time a player is transferred, the team where that player was created (school) will get benefit from it. A % of the total amount will be given to him.

The percentage is variable depending on the following factors:
- Players born with 2% canon
- Every season that a player stays on his original team, his canon goes up by 2% ( Limited to the age of 20 years-old )
- Every time the player is transferred, this percentage goes down by 2%.
- You can find this information in player profile.

For example: You are about to sell a junior player that has been on your team for two years, since he was born. You sell it for 5M.

Two months later, the player is sold to another team for 10M. The canon for that player is: 2% (original) + 4% (2% for every year). So it's 6%. Therefore you will get 6% of 10M.

The initial canon of all players in the game now will be 2%, independently of how many seasons have been playing for you.

- User signature in forum

We have added a signature in every post you create into the forums, with info about you and your team. We have also added a "title" that you can improve by posting messages in forums.

- New awards for champions

The champion of the first division gets 100 golden balls (Up from 25)

- Schools:

You will get a message when you destroy a school in your message box and you will gain 1% of the cost of the school you destroyed.

-Tactic improvements

We added a new button to make easier the activation and deactivation of advanced tactics.

-Automatic junior line-up

We have improved the running of this tool. Now the automatic line-up will act only if you have activated the tool if not, and there are unexpected changes and a junior joins the squad or leave the line-up will not change even if there are some free position in the starting line-up.

Feel free to comment this future update in the following link:


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