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We will update Striker Manager soon to add the new store.

In Club menu you will find the button “store”. Each team will have its own store. With this new tool, you can sell merchandising from your club to get extra money. We consider this new tool very important for lower division teams which have spent little time in the game to earn some extra incomes.
In the store you can make five kinds of items:

-Key chains
-Little flags
-Footballs (to unlock only once with golden balls; unlock permanent)
-Jerseys (to unlock only once with golden balls; unlock permanent)
-Football boots (to unlock only once with golden balls; unlock permanent)

The running is easy, you select the amount you want to manufacture and then you will see the cost and the time your factory takes to have the items in stock.

You can only manufacture items one by one, so if you open the mass-production queue to manufacture 300 key chains on the assembly line and this takes 26 minutes, you will have to wait until the end to manufacture a new product. The more items you manufacture the more time the production will last.

If you click on the button “mass-production queue” you can see the product that is currently being manufacture. You have the option to put in mass-production queue up to five items so when the current production finishes you do not have to come back to put new items in queue, the system will do it automatically. This option can be unlocked with golden balls or Pack Manager and will last 1 month.

Depending on the number of supporters your team has, you will sell more or less merchandising every day. The count of items sold during the day is calculated early in the morning.

You should pay attention to the sales of each item in order to get a general idea about which is the best suitable stock for your store.

The store has 5 levels that you can improve. You can also increase the maximum number of items you can make in a single production. For example, you can make a maximum of 400 items at the level 1, while you can manufacture up to 2000 items at level 5.

We decided to restructure the main menu in order to make easier the access to some options of the game. Squad, Line-up senior, junior line-up and junior squad will be in the same menu called “coach”. The store will be in menu “club”. And “view opponent” will be in the board “next game”.

We hope you will enjoy this new store!

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