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We would like to share with you the new upgrades we will introduce with the new season.

First of all, regarding the new season calendar.

This season things will work slightly different, as the end of season is next monday 24th of December. Obviously, we all want to enjoy christmas with family, so we wont be able to change seasons until december 27th. ( 26th is also a very important celebration for us in Catalonia ). The game will remain opened until 27th, we will try to open the same day if possible, or early on the 28th. To accomplish this, the following updates in the game will be uplodaded tomorrow 20th, after the cup game is played.

Regarding the night where junior Rs are removed. As it is now, they will be removed the night of the 31, certainly a bad day, so we will move it to the night of January 1st, on to the 2nd.


All stadiums will gain the ability to sell food and drinks. It works in a similar as the store we currently have, but adding some new twists to make it even more interesting.

We will have to produce foods/drinks, and they will be sold every time a match is played on our stadium. There will be a list of 20 differents elements to choose from. Each course or drink will have its own characteristics, and depending on them, it will have more or less popular with the different kind of people that come to the stadium. For example, people that buys a VIP ticket, will prefer to buy wine over beer, and someone who buys a general ticket will prefer a frankfurt over caviar. Depending on how many seats we have of each type, we will have to adapt our production to fullfill people needs.

Every course/drink has its own production time, production cost, and sell value. Like the store, catering service also has 5 levels, wchih will allow us to prepare new courses. Every level decreases production times as well. Some of them will be only available with golden balls though.

Catering has some differences with our current store though. We are selling food now, and food gets bad if it stays too much time in the fridge. In Striker Manager we are very sensible with 3rd world needs, and we do not allow food being wasted. So after every match, all the food that we have still on stock will be given away to charity, so we have to be aware not to produce too much, otherwise we might lose money.

Hall of fame

We have introduced a way to know how many merits a player currently has, in order to enter the hall of fame. It will be placed on the player's profile, and then on the Awards page. There you will find information on how many points does he have, how did he gained them, and how many points does he still need to accomplsih the HoF requirements.

I hope you like the new changes, enjoy the new season!

19/12/2012 17:08
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