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We would like to share with you the new updates we will introduce next season.


We are glad to present a new communication tool for all game users. It’s called Whistle, a quite similar Twitter tool that will allow all users write comments to be read by their followers and be more connected with friends.

-To write messages to your followers and be able to read them too.
- To follow or unfollow any game user.
- To create trending topics using #.
- Being able to know the 10 trending topics of the moment.
- In some game screens the Whistle icon will appear to allow the user to create automatically a new message by clicking on it.

For example: If you want to communicate a game score or if your player has been MVP, a default whistle will be created.
You could find the whistle tool on the main game screen, next to the chat bar.

Improvement in schools:
It will improve the quality of players coming out of schools.

Game incomes:

As you know the team's popularity is related to the game incomes. We have therefore decided to reduce the loss of popularity when a team relegates and so avoid drastic changes in the game incomes.

We hope you like the new features this season.

Feel free to comment this future update in the following link:


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