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(Read) If you cannot negotiate with another team

So I have recently seen a lot of people complain they they can't loan, buy, or sell players from a certain team. This is not a bug, there is a reason to this. If you share an IP with somebody, or log onto somebody's account other then yours, it links them together (there may be a few other ways account gets linked as well). I'm sure you can probably assume why it does that. These links can be removed by any @, however it requires some basic investigation on our part to make sure that you in fact are not abusing any rule, and may not be removed depending on what we find. Once the link is removed, you can negotiate with that team, however the removal isn't permanent. If you continue to share an IP with somebody, the link has to be removed every time you want to make a transaction.
Note, however, that we will not repeat IP links removal for the said two users if it is found that the links keep coming back after each and every log in.

If you have this issue, contact an @, and we can sort it out for you. Feel free to post any questions here:

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25/09/2014 19:08
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(Read) Keep your accounts safe!

Fellow managers,

We have witnessed a rise in number of accounts of users being stolen by naive hackers. A lot of these cases involved users giving their passwords away in order to get help with their tactics and then never get the accounts back. The person now in possession of the account can either transfer all of its money to his account, or simply sell the account to his needy friend. On rare occasions, we have seen users being victims of a weak password.

To avoid the risk of losing your hard-work, the Fiscals' team strongly discourages use of weak passwords for your accounts. Make sure that your passwords contain more than 8 characters, may include numbers and symbols, CAPS or no caps.
We also discourage users sharing passwords with their friends or for that matter, even strangers who promise you good tactics, formations, etc.
We cannot help you if the person you handed over the account to misuses it for his own benefit. You may get the account back, but not in the same condition.

Tip: If you discover that the password to your account has been changed, immediately use the "Forgot Password" option. SM will send a confirmation email to your registered email and there you will be able to reset your password. Till then, you can ask a fiscal to detain the account so nothing can be changed until you're able to log back in.
What if this option fails? Then, you cannot be helped from the fiscals in this matter. Mail info@strikermanager.com and make an enquiry.

Defaulters: Users found guilty of such an offense will be severely dealt with. First time offenders will get penalized 1.5*amount worth of players transferred (in case of deals made) plus league points docked(decided by the investigating fiscal).
Repeat offenders will be made to start their SM career back from scratch.

Cheers and stay safe.
-- Fiscals' team.

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27/12/2015 17:37
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"We are sorry to inform you that due to the number of incorrect login attempts, your account has been locked in order to prevent your team theft. To unlock access click on the link below:"

If you have received this email, it's only to inform you that the limit of incorrect log ins to the username has exceeded, but that never said your account has been hacked. Kindly know that the two things are miles away from being similar issues. Incorrect login attempts are mainly because YOU have entered wrong information.

Also, kindest request to users to stop posting in the forums if you cannot log in, why not private message fiscals if they are the only ones who can help you, instead of making a public post and then being told to message fiscals?
30/12/2015 18:33
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