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Hello Strikers,

We would like to share with you the new upgrades we will introduce with the new season.

For years there is controversy over whether it was possible to use scripts or third party software to get an advantage in hostile clause. Apparently, the use of programs that automate the action of pressing the left mouse button, could saturate the server and block the player, which could give advantage.

We can not be sure when a manager is using scriptsWe can not be sure that a user is using a program like this is really clicking it or manually. Obviously by the number of clicks that are made may be suspicious but never know 100%

For that reason, We've decided to implement a new measure:

- From now on you can make up to 200 clicks to send an offer for a player (hostile clause or pacted transfer). Once this number of 200 clicks is surpassed, you won’t be able to sign that player while he remains in the current team.

- We think taht 200 clicks is enought to try to sign a player. I

In order to make it easiest as possible to understand this new measure, you will see a counter in the player's profile.

- SEARCH + -
We have decided to replace the parameter "Loyalty" by parameter "Attribute".
Thanks to this parameter, you can search for one of the following attributes: Pass, Shot, Dribbling, Speed, Ball Steal, Saves, Strength, Technique, Aggressiveness, Leadership and Versatility. You will also have to choose the minimum value development attribute.

Thanks to this change, we are sure tha search+ will become even more useful and will help you to find your desired player.

From now you it will be possible to invest 50 golden balls to nationalize a player of your team. Thanks to this new tool, it is possible to change the nationality of the players to match with your team nationality.

Nationalize option will be on the profile player and will be available once the player has completed 4 seasons in your team. Note that if you sell the player, the timer will restart. Loans do not coun

We hope you like the new changes, enjoy the new season!

Feel free to comment this future update in the following link:

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