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the contract signed could be in favour of the sacked coach
in mourinho's case, he received a huge sum of money after getting sacked my Manchester united for compensation after their spending spree
05/08/2019 07:57
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yea that's what happened when someone makes unnecessary agreement
compensation fees more like "keep quite fee"
05/08/2019 15:53
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Monkey man said:
Sodztar Fc said:
Monkey man said:
elbrayho said:
Zidane will end up being sacked

he won't be sacked

ha trust me he will be sacked if he dosen't win anything
he left because he wanted change in madrid..........now he has been given full back up to change whatever he wants according to the budget given to him and if he dosen't win anything with all these..........he will be sacked

so if you were the owner of real Madrid, you'd sack a high profile coach just because he had a trophy-less season?
after one season?

it's just like sacking a 99% coach for not topping your group

please who is the high profile manager??? Zidane or who??am confused
19/09/2019 12:48
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